Lost Treasure

Secrets of Basildon

From the grand staircases to stately rooms, Basildon Park House has for a long time inspired me. The vertical tower of detailed shapes and forms was conceived upon many visits. From the ornate ceiling roses to the marble fireplace carvings, Basildon never fails to encourage my creativeness. I wanted a piece that flowed, linking the many forms of interest together.

Watching and Waiting

Royal Collection

Though not based on one particular house, this arrangement clearly shows the variety of textures, shapes and forms that inspire me. From the central form of a chair back, to the lighter delicate spiral, the placing of different forms is like building a jigsaw. The two carvings; top floret and the horned goat were studies from Church pews.

Assembled - Hinton Ampner

Kingston Lacy

Kingston Lacy in Dorset is a rich treasure tove from the past, overflowing with carved detail and unusual curiosities. I was drawn to the gilt bronze metal fish and shell shapes giving a nautical theme for my arrangement. The variety of shapes and forms provide an endless resource of intrigue and fascination....

Lost Treasure - Stonor Park

Inspired by my trip to Stonor Park set in the Chilterns. This collection of antiquity defines my love of shape and form; carved, moulded and cast. Central to the arrangement is a sea serpent, with its tail carved back over its head, floating above the soft curves of waves. Topped by the wooden scrolls of striking door frame and flacked below by the distinctive lines of a ball and claw chair foot. These are a few of the treasures that inspire me at every historic house that I visit.

Secrets of Basildon

Watching and Waiting - Greys Court

Together with a similar piece, Defending the Realm, this painting is inspired from the cherubs on the entrance wall of the Tudor house, Greys Court, in the Chilterns. I have always been intrigued by those young warriors armed with swords and spears appearing to defend the family house from an unknown enemy. Such a mystery has lead me to create imaginative historic creatures for the cherubs to fight ....

Royal Collection

Assembled - Hinton Ampner

From Tortoises to Parrots, Angels to Cherubs, Hinton Ampner has a vast array of objects. It is hard not to be inspired by the variety of shapes, textures and detail on show. I find capturing styles and craft techniques from the past both exiting and challenging.

Kingston Lacy - Storm in a Shell

My watercolour studies are all inspired by the architecture of local historical buildings, providing a rich range of shapes and textures. Prints, signed and limited to 250, are printed with high quality giclée inks on archival water colour paper.

Print sizes:

 A1 ~ 535 X 735 mm 

A2 ~ 410 X 530 mm 

A3 ~ 280 X 380 mm 

A4 ~ 205 X 290 mm 

Prints are also available framed and mounted. Feel free to discuss options and prices.