During the past year the visiting squirrels and birds to the garden have been a natural inspiration for my drawing. Leaping and hopping around the garden, digging and hiding their treasures, the squirrels have provided much entertainment. Combined with architectural shapes and forms, I like to create dramatic and imaginative compositions. By doing so I have embellished their natural food into riches of treasure. These I draw in graphite pencil and watercolour, capturing the many tones and textures.

Winter Treasure
Spring Treasure
Winter Feast
Hide and Seek
Winter Harvest
Out Of Reach
Winter Folly

Work is available as original drawings in graphite pencil or some limited prints.

Prints, signed and limited to 250 are printed with high quality giclee inks on archival watercolour paper.

Print sizes:

A3 - 280 x 380 mm

A4 - 205 x 290 mm

Prints are also available framed and mounted. Feel free to contact me to discuss options and prices