As a canoeist in the Thames Valley, I am often privileged to see Kingfishers .... or at least a fleeting glimpse. Bright flashes of turquoise and gold are often all you can see and rarely are they sitting perfectly still. It is this flash of colour and movement that I wanted to capture within the work - hence the name 'Fleeting Glimpse'.

Original Art Work:

Medium - watercolour, charcoal, graphite and gold leaf

Size - Unframed 10 x 12 inches 

                          (25.4 x 30.48 mm)

          Framed     12 x 14 inches

                          (30.48 x 35.56 mm)

Fleeting Glimpse
Kingfisher diving
Kingfisher hovering
Kingfisher flying
Pink Flamingo


A new year and a new challenge. As an artist I wanted to try something different, out of the box. I have always admired the graceful elegance of the flamingo; from the long slender neck, to the 'ballet' like stance and exotic plumage. The Flamingo is a burst of striking pinks and scarlets, which was a challenge to portray yet still capture their elegance and sentsitive side in watercolour. 


Red Kite 

Swooping majestically above the Chiltern woods and local gardens, the distinctive shape of the Red Kite is an inspiring spectacle. From its angled wingspan and forked tail displayed while gliding, to its compact dive as it swoops down on food, the kite demands attention.

 My work in graphic pencil and watercolour attempts to capture this powerful presence, along with an interest in how birds have been captured in past times in Church carcings. Combined with architectural shapes and forms, I like to create dramatic and imaginative compositions.

From Above
Falcon Eyot Centre
Study of Eagle in Gold
Eagle in Gold
Falcon on Grapes

Original Art Work:

Medium - watercolour                   Size - Unframed A3 (297 x 420 mm)                  Framed 357 x 480 mm

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